Airline Industry Heaters

Airline Industry Heaters

The bottom line is essential in the airline industry. MAC, Inc. provides a cost conscious solution by supplying you with the most fuel efficient and highest output heaters on the market.

MAC, Inc. Airline Solutions


The MAC HCs (Heat Carts) allow aircraft to shut down APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) systems while on the tarmac for short or long durations. This alone provides a substantial fuel burn savings for airlines. Cabins and cockpits stay efficiently heated during this time, keeping personnel, electronics, cargo and most importantly - customers comfortable and content. The portable MAC HC’s can be brought to any location, providing you with portable emergency heat for stranded aircraft.


The MAC HCs are perfect for heating aircraft hangars of any size. Hangar heating reduces wear and tear on equipment as well as provides a more comfortable environment for service and maintenance personnel. With ease of mobility, the MAC HC’s can quickly be moved to a repair location to heat specific areas of a building. This is very convenient for remote service and maintenance locations.

Ground Support Equipment

The MAC HCs keep your ground support and maintenance equipment running smoothly by preventing engine freeze-up and cold starts. A reduction in overhead and downtime due to repairing frozen equipment directly improves your profitability.

MAC HC (Heat Cart)

The MAC 210HC, MAC 400HC and the MAC DUAL400HC represent the latest in burner, fuel flow, and air flow technology. Rigorous testing has yielded a machine that can stand up to the most extreme of cold weather environments. MAC, Inc. has spent years working hand in hand with major airlines to develop heaters that are the product of industry feedback and requests. Our heaters have easy to use, simple push button start and push button stop operating controls. Training your ground support crew will be effortless. MAC, Inc. is the only airline heater manufacturer offering an ANSUL Fire Suppression System option because we understand the importance of safety and reliability to our customer.


  • Aircraft Cabins, Cockpits, Fluid Lines, Luggage Bays, and Electronics bays
  • Hangars, Servicing, Equipment
  • Aircraft De-Icing
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Ground Support Equipment and Facilities
  • Moisture Drying and Ice Melting
  • Emergency Backup Heat

Airline Industry Heaters

The following are the MAC Heater Models appropriate to airline industry applications:

MAC 210HC | MAC 400HC | MAC DUAL 400HC
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